"Get The Biggest Return Possible From The Most Affordable Accountant In Barton County?"

We will review your 2014 return for free to insure that you received all of your money back and we PROMISE to beat the price you paid for your 2014 professionally prepared returns.

From The Desk Of Courtney Roth:

Tis the season to file your 2015 tax returns.  For most, it's about as much fun as waiting in line at the DMV when you have the flu.  It's a miserable thing.  Let me make this process as stress free and fun as possible for you.

You have until April 18th to get your returns sent off.  To get the quickest and biggest return contact me today to schedule your consultation.

Not only will I review your 2014 return for free to make sure you got back every penny that you were suppose to, I guarantee to beat the price you paid for your professionally prepared 2014 returns.

There are three simple ways to schedule a consultation with me: 1) Call the Roth Accounting office at 682-3477 and ask to schedule a consultation with Courtney.  2) Text "2015 return" to the top secret tax line 417-214-0234.  3) Send an email to info@roth-accounting.com with "2015 Return" in the subject.

Call, text, or email.  Pick the option you most prefer.

To speed the process up and double check your return please bring a copy of your 2014 returns.  I will have a few items to discuss and we'll have time to go over any of your questions and concerns.  I will get you set up in our software and as soon as you get your W2 from your employer I can file your 2015 taxes.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Courtney David Roth

P.S.  Contact me today!  The quicker you get the process rolling, the quicker you get your return.  Call the office at 682-3477 or text "2015 Return" to 417-214-0234 or email info@roth-accounting.com.